Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Nearly Famous on E4 in November 2007

E4 is continuing the channel’s investment in originated drama series with a slick brand new six part drama series from the makers of Life On Mars. Nearly Famous.

NEARLY FAMOUS follows a group of performing arts students who’ve got talent, a taste for tequila and a whole load of angst that make the average teenager’s life seem easy.

The difference is these guys have earned a place at a top London school for performing arts and they have just one chance to prove they’ve got what it takes to make it.

There’s Lila (Talulah Riley – Pride and Prejudice, St Trinian’s), an awkward 19 year old with a mentally ill mother, but with an exceptional talent for writing; Owen (Aaron Johnson – The Illusionist), he can’t read music any more than he can re-write his wayward past, but since when did that stop him being the most gifted musician?

Joe, (Tunji Kasim) he looks like a geek, acts like a geek, so how did he drag himself up out of the hood? And Kate (Anna Brewster – Mrs Henderson Presents, The Tudors) a beautiful, ambitious actress, who’s sick of living in the shadow of her super-successful film director Dad. Over the six week series the world of this unlikely group of friends is explored.

Nearly Famous is written by Holly Phillips, furthering E4’s commitment to being a launch pad for new talent, both on and off screen.

Jane Featherstone, Executive Producer and Joint Managing Director of Kudos says: “We’re thrilled to be able to bring new writing of the calibre of Holly Phillps to E4. Written from the heart, NEARLY FAMOUS is a sassy, fun, intelligent look at a group of talented youngsters following their dreams of fame, and learning what's really important on the way.”

The series is being filmed in Kent, and will TX on E4 in November 2007.

NEARLY FAMOUS is made by Kudos Film and TV for E4, with Jane Featherstone, Simon Crawford Collins and Alison Jackson as executive producers. Emma Kingsman-Lloyd is the producer.



famous_fan said...

I am working on the PR for nearly Famous.Would you like me to send you the promo clip for the fan site?

Hayley said...

if you could that would be great.

famous_fan said...

do you have an email account i can email you all the details on?

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