Monday, 19 November 2007

Digital Spy Review: 'I'll make you perfect, I promise'

Two weeks in now - is Nearly Famous ticking your boxes? Are we over the "this isn't quite as good as Skins" realisation yet?The good news is that this week's episode - Thursday, E4, 11pm - is the best yet. The pupils are set the challenge of creating an attractive, anonymous identity and trying to get a date with it (with mixed results: Joe in particular gets more than he bargained for), while the Owen-Kate-Lila love triangle sets down firm roots.

As we saw at the close of ep 2, Owen and Kate have got it on. And in ep 3, they get it on and on and on. But what does this mean for the chances of lovesick writer Lila?Let's ask the girl who plays her, Talulah Riley! "I think you're meant to think that they should be together and hope that they will be together," she says. "I don't know what's going to happen with Owen and Lila, but I think it would be nice if everything worked out well."Ridiculously optimistic. Maybe Aaron Johnson (Owen) can shed more light on the affair: "There's a love interest between one of the main characters and it sort of spreads out across the whole of the series. Eventually he finds out that he's in love with one of the characters and confesses his love, but it's too late in the end."I'm not an expert at reading between the lines, but could that mean that Owen keeps chasing Kate, only to eventually realise he wants to be with Lila but has missed his opportunity? Hmm, maybe this show does have more in common with Skins than we thought.

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