Thursday, 15 November 2007

Episode 4 Summary

In this episode, Owen and Kate are openly together now, which leaves Joe feeling a little left out and Lila trying to hide her hurt. Ash introduces Lila to Bollywood. They dance and eventually kiss, just as Owen turns up with Lila's mum. While Kate questions the path she's chosen, Joe fights to save his group of friends. Joe's very concerned that the group's falling apart and is determined to put it right. He edits the footage he's filmed, cutting out the rows, leaving just the good times. Joe calls Kate, Owen and Lila together to show them what good friends they are but they just point out to Joe that his film's fake, it's not like this anymore and they sadly go their separate ways. Writer: Jess Walters; Dir Mat Whitecross; Prod Co: Kudos

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Rilez said...

Shit :/ aaron johnsons well fit :] but deaaaaarrrr lila and him should get it on not that posh twat :) x