Saturday, 15 December 2007

Nearly Famous Petition

Fans of the show have created a Petition to ask Channel 4 to commission a second series, if you love the show and would like a second series, show your support by signing the petition, Thanks

Note- Miranda has asked me to tell everyone who signs the petition to only do it once, thanks


Harriet said...

I really want to sign it but you include no details of where it is.

Hayley said...

the highlighted word petition press it and it will take you too it

ashkiro said...

i just love nearly famous the best show ever on channel4 i want to know if theyre making a second series!

Hayley said...

At the moment nobody is sure, they've said their are no plans at the present time for a second outing but they might change the mind you never know.

kaily1988 said...

i know its like a year since the last comment but ive just watched it for the first time and omg its guttering knowing that theres no second season to watch cos im totally hooked now

eeem said...

i've just watched the first season for the first time and im so hooked on it.
surely they have to make another one, although it has been a while.
but argh, i love owen! i really want to know how it's all going to turn out.
i need more nearly famous!

eeem said...

omg, the petition to bring it back is closed.
im so late.