Monday, 5 November 2007

Digital Spy's Tube Talk Mention

Now to Nearly Famous, E4's new teen drama following a group of kids at a posh performing arts school (think a fictional version of E4's Performing School Of Arts).

The main four players:

Owen (Aaron Johnson)

The handsome, guitar-playing lead. Tends to think with his fists first but has a strong sense of loyalty and will always stick up for the underdog.

Lila (Talulah Riley)

The kooky girl. Has lived a sheltered life with her mentally ill mother (Jekyll's Gina Bellman), but is eternally optimistic despite her personal difficulties.

Joe (Tunji Kasim)

The nerd. Imagine Moss from The I.T. Crowd in his college days. Very naive and lacking in street smarts, but incredibly polite and considerate.

Kate (Anna Brewster)

An aspiring actress with a famous father (a secret she wants to stay hidden). Wise to the ways of the world, appears confident and loves her drink.

So is Nearly Famous the next Skins? Unfortunately it suffers from that inevitable comparison from the outset and indeed, like for like, it comes up short. The cast is not as attractive, the antics aren't as debauched and the dialogue isn't as witty.

Judged on its own merits, however, Nearly Famous succeeds in being exactly what an E4 original should be: put simply, escapist TV...


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